VARIATIONS for the widest range of uses for the hoses.

Proven ancillary equipment can provide hoses or extension bellows with additional properties.
The standard constructions are :

CroNi Clip ( =metal reinforcement) of the hose in a chromium-nickel fine steel, stainless
CroNiMo Clip of the hose in chromium-nickel-molybdenum fine steel, acid-resistant
CroNiSi Clip of the hose in chromium-nickel-silicon fine steel, high-temperature-resistant
IsoClip Very effective thin insulation of 3-6 mm wall thickness which has the effect of making contact heat harmless.
The metal clip is also externally insulated.
IsoIn Very thin, highly-effective heat and noise insulation on the inside of the hose.
Therm Thick insulation of 20-150 mmwall thickness.
Lowest bending radius, usually 0,55 times the external diameter.
Silence Similer to -Therm- however, for sound insulation.
At the same time, the inner surfaces remain non-perforated in order to keep the air flowing through free of fibres.
Force Hose reinforced with additional thick outer jacket.
Antistatic All hoses have an anti-static basic design. This can be raised to comply with the international

protection classes I ( =5A ); IIA + IIB ( =3A ); IIC ( =2A ).

HT High-temperature hose, currently up to 2,800°C or 5,000°F
LT Low-temperature hose, currently down to -268°C or - 450°F ( = approx. 4°K )
Flammresist Hose which is difficult to inflame, e.g. based on DIN 4102
Fireless Non-flammable hose, not just difficult to inflame.
FireWall Fire-inhibiting outer skin of the hose.
Foodable Suitable for food and simultaneously resistant types.
Oilsooger Absorbs oil, fuels or other liquids into its walls.
CD Hoses impervious to chemicals, condensation-proof and diffusion-proof.
Vac Rigid/flexible version for high vacuum pressures with very good bending radius,

usually 0.65 times the inner diameter.

VacuLift Prefolded hose as lifting hose for Vacu-Lift systems.
Sparc Sparc-resistant hose for welding gases and grinding suction removal.
Weldex Welding gas suction removal hose with spark protection inside and partly on the outside.
Narrow Narrowed steel helix (=clip) distance for higher vacuum resistance or greater peak pressure resistance.
E.g. Narrow-3 means: clip distance approx. 3 cm.
Stretch Hose automatically pulls itself together like a tension spring.
Spread Hose constantly stretches itself out flat like a pressure spring.
Shield With reinforced inner protection against abrasion, contact heat, high-energy radiation or other.
Shell With additional screened outer protection against UV rays, influences of weather, steam jets, drips of hot grease, against damage by assembly tools, electromagnetic fields, radioactivity, flying sparcs and similar.
Outskin Additional usually extruded-on outer skin made of FEP, PVC, LDPE up to 820 mm outer diameter.
PEnet Polyethylene hoses, reinforced with lattice meave of high tensile strength.
FireJacket Additional outer skin resistant to sparks, flames and heat radiation.
InWire Additional inner steel helix, usually made of chromium-nickel-molybdenum.
OutWire Additional outer steel helix for folding inwards of the hose walls.
Shrink Hose made of shrinkable material, in particular for easier sealing of the ends.
Flat External insulation free of steels ribs oval-shaped for narrow spaces between floors spaces or limited space with hoses which cross each other.
Infold Pre-defined folding inwards in order to guarantee inward folding even with overpressure.
Clear Tranparent hoses with special 95 % trtansmission of light and UV.
Silver Black, white, grey, red, blue, green: with colour selection
Kabel Conductor embedded in clip.
Barrier Barriers against smell or steam diffusion or electromagnetic fields.
HeatFrostChok shock resistant, e.g. from -90°C - + 400°C = - 130°F - + 750 °F in 3 seconds.


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