Table G = GRIP connecting system for CLIP - LINE® hoses

The GRIP connecting system is one of the most important assembly aids not only for hoses but also for bellow expansion joints, expansion bellows and filters. It is very simple technically and fulfills 3 important functions :

(1) it does not destroy the hose no matter how much it is stretched; (2) it seals very well and (3) it is resistant to tension+pressure.

Normal hose clips are incapable of adequately clamping and sealing CLIP - LINE® hoses. The GRIP is a bridging hose clip which extends over the helical clip at the point at which it straddles it inside a closely fitting bridge. In this way the clip is not s queezed and the hose jacket is clamped tightly around the tube adapters to the right and left of the clip.

Sealing tightness and resistance of a CLIP - LINE® hose coupling are possible in 6 different levels :

  1. Simply slide the CLIP - LINE® hose onto the tube adapter and push a couple of windings together so that the jacket of the hose is folding like a lip and also seals tightly and generates enough frichtion to hold both in place.
  2. Tighten the CLIP - LINE® hose with 1. GRIP.
  3. Tighten the CLIP - LINE® hose with 2. GRIP.
  4. As for ( 3. ), but slide the hoses inside each other like lips between the two grips.
  5. First of all, wind firmly a woven or plastic tape two or three times around the tube adapters - if possible using the same material as the inside wall of the hose - and then continue as for (2.) + (3.).
    We can supply the corresponding winding tapes.
  6. Make small fine grooves on the tube adapters. The grooves may not be helical like a thread (otherwise air or liquid could escape) but parallel, i.e. side by side. Then continue as under ( 5.).